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We are always thinking outside the box and seeing the bigger picture for clients.  From FEED to detailed designs, we are fully capable for all your project needs. P.I.S. focuses on pipelines and field installation projects (riser stations, wellsites, disposal wells, etc.).  We also have extensive experience in water sourcing projects including pipeline distribution, river intakes, infiltration galleries and transfer stations.


P.I.S. has the ability to offer a comprehensive suite of engineering, design and procurement services for your pipeline project.  We also can provide these services for field installation projects.  Our design teams collaborate with the client teams to provide the best tailored solution for the project.  P.I.S. has the capability to fully support the project from conception through to execution.   ​


Our design teams have experience from all sides of the project; producer, EPCM and contractor.  We consider asset life cycle, operability and constructability at the very beginning of the project inception.  Our team delivers the best solution for the client.  


P.I.S. has extensive experience providing engineering, design and procurement on all sizes of projects.  From a quick pipeline wall thickness calculation to a full encompassing design, no project or request is overlooked.  Our team has vast vendor relationships as well to help you get the best product for the service.

P.I.S. is highly experienced with multi lines in a common ditch, different pipe compositions (flexpipe, flexsteel, core linepipe, internally coated lines with CCB joints, HDPE, fiberglass, etc.), pigging technologies and water network projects (on demand frac water, water transfer stations, river intakes, infiltration galleries, pipeline distribution networks, etc.).

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