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We work closely with the client to provide a detailed understanding of the specific project, presenting all the challenges and opportunities.  Route planning, cost estimating, risk analysis are all included in the planning.


Upfront pipeline planning encompasses many different aspects. We tailor our scope of work to the clients needs by offering a wide range of services:

  • Meter-by-meter description of right-of-way

  • Crossing methods and access options

  • Subsurface reports and recommendations

  • Access information and road conditions including travel times and alternative routes

  • Accommodation reports of camps, nearby towns and campsites

  • 3 year site specific historical weather data

  • Environmental review or reports

  • Archaeological review or reports

  • Regulatory review or reports

  • First Nations/Land Owners comments

  • Survey report of final survey package

*Reviews are based off of our knowledge and experience.  Reports our supplied from our partners for the specific area.


The accuracy of your cost estimation process can make or break project success. Our estimating method utilizes the following aspects to allow us to produce a Class III Project Estimate before final survey:

  • Client-supplied process data

  • Collecting raw data and in-depth site investigations

  • Field expertise from our team of highly experienced personnel

  • Our wealth of pipeline specific project management skills


Cost certainty or surety is very important to clients.  By utilizing our unique risk analysis, we can minimize hidden obstacles during construction. A detailed understanding of constructibility will allow you to work closer with your partners in achieving better project cost certainty.  We will identify all the different risks and opportunities associated with the project, quantify the risks and provide a risked budget.

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